Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy Summer!

Clean! Clean! Clean the school. Today, I was completing all the end of the year reports and it hit me. My summer is going to be slammed. In addition to my job, I am working on my final degree: 4 classes, an exam, and a paper. That doesn't sound that bad. At least there is an end in sight. The 4 classes will consume M-TH from 5-9, 1 online class (done in my free time), and one class which meets 2 Sundays a month. The exam is a comprehensive exam of all the leadership classes in my doctoral program. Then there is that paper. That lengthy bound book, which is the right of passage of all the other egg heads and misguided scholars. I must confess that my motives for all this education are less than noble.

Money! The root of all evil.

If it weren't for my desire to provide for my wife and 2 girls, I would probably still be in the classroom. Teaching was certainly more noble and intrinsically rewarding. Unfortunately, our society does not pay well for being noble.